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Product visualisation is another important service offered by our team at G-Net3D. We can create computer generated images or animations of any product using dwg files, autocad or solidworks files, sketches or photographs. Our large portfolio of product animations and images help our clients to clearly visualise and market their new products with a great deal of success and also help customers to understand even the more complex of products. Product 3D visualisation is often used for marketing purposes, displayed on large screens at trade shows or uploaded to websites. High quality 3D renderings present a clear and professional image of your product and a more engaging backdrop which is a far more effective tool in comparison to simple video or photographs. It also enables our clients to review product designs before they are approved for manufacturing which is critically important. We are limited to the work samples that we display on our website so if you are interested in product visualisation and don't see anything similar then please do not hesitate to contact our London, Manchester, Dublin or Cork offices and we will be happy to discuss your requirement or forward you some of additional samples of our work.